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Here are some simple tips to finding the right Surrey roofing contractors to better assist you...

- Roofer should be in business for a few years

- Check for references and go see the roofs

- Go online to check for testimonials and critical comments

- Pay a deposit no more than half the total quote to start, usually 30%

Ask what safety measures they will be taking. Do they wear safety harnesses?

If your property happens to have slopes and trees or even with difficult access, be sure to ask the contractor how they are planning to get to those areas safely? Receiving an answer like “we’re roofers, we do this for a living”, or "don't worry, we aren’t afraid of heights", or “we have long ladders”, just isn't enough. Also ask them about tarping off exposed areas if it starts to rain. What is their plan?

Not to be stereotypical, but do keep in mind that some roofers are guys that mostly failed highschool, probably have a drug habit, have no money to spend on safety gear, and have attitude.

They are going to be all over your roof, and its one of the most dangerous place on your property. You do have the right to know what they are doing up there. Be pro-active. If something goes wrong and a worker falls off and breaks himself, you and your insurance company will be facing the consequences.

Some of the best roofers are not smooth talkers, they have gruff appearance, rough calloused hands, and a bad back. They will have torn up shoes, torn jeans, probably smoke, and drive a beat up truck. Roofing is not a pretty job, it is very hard work. But listen to them, and encourage discussion, you will be surprised at the genuine knowledge of buildings and roofing the wise older fellows have.

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